Tamara and Kevin Glover

We have always dreamed about owning a house some day. When we first saw the log home model from Southland, we know this is what we wanted. For almost three years we have been talking, planning, and dreaming about our log home. Southland put us in contact with Armando Vela, and from the second we met him there was a connection.

He not only knew the building business well, but he knew what we wanted right off the bat. Armando was more of a good neighbor than a business man. He was always more worried about giving us our dream home than making the big bucks. Anything we wanted or were imaging he was able to understand and create. His subcontractors were all very pleasant, knowledgeable, and courteous. Yes, there were little mistakes along the way, but no matter what happened he would fix it and give us exactly what we wanted.

Over the few months we worked with Armando we became friends. He sure likes to talk about his family and likes getting to know his customer. It only takes him a short time to learn his customer’s likes, dislikes, and style. He will do whatever is necessary to get the job done right and on time, even if it means getting a shovel himself and digging.

Overall our experience will him and his crew was very satisfying and pleasurable. We would hire him again to build us another house, however unlikely, as we love our new log home. Armando, thank you so much for making our dream of owning our own home come true and for the great building experience.